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Tencent chooses AVcommunications as its Canadian partner

By September 12, 2017 No Comments
Digital Avenue East logo on Shanghai skyline background

Tencent, the leading Internet value-added services provider and owner of WeChat, the largest social communications application in China, recently identified a Canadian partner to widen their North American reach. Tencent appointed Digital Avenue East (DAVE), AV Communication’s newly formed media subsidiary to the task.

DAVE’s mandate is to promote Tencent’s most dominant mobile apps and online services such as WeChat and QQ to its clients in North America. With over 963 million monthly active users, WeChat is the most popular social media tool among the Chinese.

“The Chinese—whether they are in China or Canada—remain to be a very lucrative market for Canadian businesses. Chinese in China consider Canada as one of their top choices as a tourist destination and for studying. Chinese Canadians on the other hand account for the biggest immigrant population” says Anna Maramba, co-founder of AV Communications.

“With the Tencent partnership, DAVE can claim unique advantages and benefits to its clients. Besides having access to over 90% of Chinese digital media inventory, having access to WeChat and Tencent’s ad serving platform means we can do deeper targeting, quicker turnaround and more efficient campaign implementation and optimization. We do not need to go through a China-based media company to access these platforms as an international agency would typically need to do, resulting in additional savings for our clients” says Marvi Yap, co-founder of AVcommunications.

DAVE is a subsidiary of AVcommunications, an award-winning multicultural advertising agency based in Toronto with clients like Western Union, BMO, Cineplex, Randstad, BMW, to name a few.