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Beauty and the South Asian Woman

By December 7, 2018 No Comments
Beauty and the South Asian Woman Forum

Shaharyar Irfan, AVcommunications’ Business Development Lead, gave an information session on Beauty and the South Asian Woman at Estée Lauder’s Cultural Relevancy Forum. Held last Dec. 5 at the Estée Lauder headquarters in Toronto, the forum was organized to share knowledge with affiliates on how to better market and serve South Asian consumers in Canada.

Shah discussed the journey of a South Asian woman and how beauty and skin care product consumption and usage differ at each stage. AV also shared the findings of an in-depth, in-house research study on media usage, spending power, and buying seasons among others. He also emphasized the importance of weddings in the South Asian culture and the changes in the definition of beauty preference before and after the ceremony. Lastly, Shah shared the findings on the survey the agency conducted specially for the session. The agency’s online multicultural panel reinforced this segment’s love for cosmetics, spending power, and lucrative opportunity.

This forum is one of the many sharing sessions the agency has participated in for clients, partners, and the multicultural marketing industry.

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