Western Union

5 for 50

The Ask

Western Union wanted a unique approach to announce their holiday pricing promotion—“$5 to send $50.”

The Audience

Multi-ethnic (Chinese, Caribbean, Filipino, Hispanic, South Asian)

The Insight

People have always loved to send holiday cards with cash gifts. But in an era of electronic transfers, that doesn’t happen as much anymore, so there’s a sense of nostalgia around the practice. Pairing ecards with money gifts was a perfect fit.

The AV Answer

Our 5 for 50 campaign paired the “money in a card” tradition with technology that featured Facebook integration. Virtual card shops were set up in streetcars, buses, transit stations and malls with high ethnic foot traffic. Users could choose a multicultural ecard, scan a QR code, and use a microsite to send it electronically—all for free. A message would then invite them to send $50 for $5 to the recipient, with a number of convenient options. Media was placed in non-traditional spaces (like streetcar ceilings) and carollers sang near kiosks to spread the cheer—and spread the word about the holiday promo.

The Impact

The campaign doubled the previous year’s sales—with a spend of less than 2% of revenue. The microsite got 132, 514 page visits (81% new users), and the QR code had 4,471 scans for an average of 150 a day. Plus, the creative got a Bronze CASSIES award in the “Events, Seasonal and Short-term” category. Now those are some results to cheer about!


Events, Seasonal & Short term


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