Alisa Choi Darcy

Client Services & Account Director

Have you ever tried using two-in-one products? The ones that simplify your life yet make it more exciting. You should meet Alisa, a human two-in-one.

A self-confessed extrovert and introvert, Alisa loves talking to strangers over drinks and equally adores doing yoga in her room while listening to TED Talks. She loves to eat cleanly (her favourite is sushi) and works out too.

Alisa’s dichotomous trait extends to her professional life. She has worked for both agency-side and media-side, and on both sides of the border too. Bringing her extensive knowledge in the multicultural market, account management, media planning, media buying, and sales in Canada and the USA.

She has helped companies in various industries such as CPG, telecommunications, tourism, green initiatives, B2B, financial, convenience stores, grocery, automotive, health care, and education get their multicultural marketing plans off the ground and gain ground over the competition.

Alisa is a force (correction, a double force) to be reckoned with. She is now on top of client business for AVC providing superior customer service while maximizing business opportunities as Client Services and Account Director.