Angela Li

Media Director

Did you know? Angela started playing the piano at the tender age of 3. She even went to a preschool for musically gifted children. This talent in music would not have flourished without discipline, creativity, and razor-sharp focus. Values that Angela took into adulthood in her early days as a digital buyer.

Juggling digital buying and client management in 2013 and finally moving into strategy as a Senior Communications Planner for Carat in 2017, Angela has helped clients navigate and leverage the power of the modern media landscape to create value for brands.

Just like playing the piano, Angela made sure that she’s in tune with digital-first, data-driven media practices to transform the businesses of her clients such as Coty (for beauty and luxury fashion brands like Cover Girl, Sally Hansen, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci), General Motors, Nestlé, BMO Financial, Bell, and most recently, Smuckers and Mattel at Publicis Media.

When she’s not doing amazing things for her clients, Angela spends time shopping for vintage stuff online, listening to beauty podcasts, and watching everything on Netflix. Oh, did we mention that she runs under all weather conditions? If that’s not discipline, we don’t know what is.

So, expect more amazing feats from Angela as she takes on the role of AVC’s Media Director. Maybe ask her to play a song or two at the next Zoom party.