Personal encounters with our #DearCanada


As firm believers in the resilience of Canadian immigrants, we’re proud to share their stories as they settle in this great country we all call home. Dear Canada is a series of heart-warming, thought-provoking, and sometimes humorous slices of life that aim to inspire those on their Canadian journey and express the gratitude of a thriving immigrant community.

We invite you to watch Premal’s story. The road to higher education led him to Canada. Just like any other student, he faced challenges along the way—one in particular during his freshman year bugged him no end. See how he overcame his situation with the help of an unassuming piece of furniture.

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Ethnic Canadians prefer consuming media on the smaller screen


In a recent article, Media in Canada highlighted some findings from a recent joint study by AV Communications and Dig Insights that looked at the media consumption habits of 1,500 ethnic Canadians across the country.

According to the first-of-its-kind survey, TV has lost its prevalence in usage to the smartphone, with 82% of respondents identifying the latter in their top-three devices for media consumption with only 42% identifying the former. The article points out that this may be due to more than 60% of the respondents finding the internet to be the most credible source of information.

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