Anna Maramba


Anna is one of the founders of AV Communications. She adeptly stirs the events and media-related projects of the agency. Her vigorous work ethic and passion for excellence have guided the agency’s clients to effectively engage their ethnic audience.

Anna is wearing a modern variant of the traditional dress worn by women in the Philippines. Called a ‘terno,‘ this Spanish word means a matching set of clothes. Originally an ensemble of four pieces, this elegant dress is now a single piece long gown with exquisite embroidery and butterfly wing sleeves.


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Marvi Yap


Marvi founded AV Communications together with Anna. She handles new business, client relations, and overall strategic and creative direction of the company. Marvi takes pride in seeing AV Communications, a company that started from co-founder Anna’s bachelor apartment in Etobicoke, blossom into an award-winning agency with blue-chip clients, and considered one of the top agencies in Canada doing multicultural work.

Marvi is wearing a modern version of the baro't saya, considered as the national dress for women in the Philippines. Usually used for formal gatherings, this ensemble has an ornately weaved elbow-length bolero that covers a solid coloured and full-skirted gown.

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Zeno Lam

Creative Director

Zeno believes in challenging the norm in mainstream media. He has been handling the creative concept development and digital graphic design for AV Communications since joining the agency in 2007.

Zeno is wearing a traditional Chinese jacket called ‘tangzhuang.’ So-called as it originated from the highly reputed Tang Dynasty, this garment style has become synonymous with the Chinese–known then overseas as ‘Tang people.’ The jacket features a Mandarin collar with a symmetrical front opening closed by hand-made Chinese knot buttons. The tang suit is usually worn for formal and special occasions.


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Loiee Pangan

Creative Director

Loiee is responsible for conceptualizing and executing communication solutions for the agency’s clients. He cultivates and champions creativity in the workplace by being open to all ideas and believes that the biggest barriers to creativity are lack of passion and fear of failure.

Loiee is a wearing a traditional shirt worn by men in the Philippines. Called a ‘kamisa de tsino’—a Spanish term that literally means ‘Chinese shirt’—this cotton, long-sleeved and buttoned shirt is well suited for farming, fishing, and daily work. 

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Joyce Lau

Media Lead

Joyce has been a member of the AV Communications team since 2010. She is responsible for the planning and implementation of multimedia campaigns, with focus on media planning, ad trafficking, campaign management, as well as project and event coordination.

Joyce is wearing a modern version of the Malaysian national dress called ‘baju kurung.’ Loosely meaning an enclosed dress, it consists of a full skirt and a collarless long-sleeved blouse that extends between the hip and knee. This dress style is approved for use for women in civil service and even as school uniforms.

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Shaharyar Irfan

Business Development Lead

Shaharyar is always on the lookout for business opportunities to expand the agency's portfolio in different categories. At AV Communications, he manages multiple accounts and develops and implements strategies that help the agency’s clients identify and reach different ethnic communities. He also heads AV's subsidiary DAVE (Digital Avenue East)—a digital media agency that specializes in reaching Chinese audiences in China and Canada.

Shaharyar is sporting a 'shalwar kamiz,’ the Pakistani traditional dress. It is comprised of a collared long-sleeved tunic (kamiz) over loose trousers (shalwar). Both garments are usually made of light fabric with the upper layered with a waistcoat for colder weather.

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Arjun Purkayastha

Account Manager

Arjun’s passion for campaign development and project management has spanned multiple industries for over a decade. At AV Communications, he focuses on managing projects, media planning, collaborating with external stakeholders, tracking campaign effectiveness, and research. He is keen on learning about his customer’s business model, sales process, and best practices to help make a real difference for the client and the agency.

Arjun is relaxed in his ‘kurta,’ a traditional menswear in India. This straight-cut loose shirt usually falls just above or slightly below the knee. This long-sleeved daily favourite has a stand-up collar and buttoned until mid-torso. As an upper garment, it is usually paired with loose-fitting pants, even jeans nowadays.

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Rachel Lin

Account Executive

Mastering English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese, Rachel has brought her diverse background and experience into her work. At AV Communications, she coordinates between the team and clients on multiple accounts and manages campaigns on both traditional and digital platforms. She always takes the initiative and is committed to delivering excellent work.

Rachel is wearing a ‘qipao,’ one of the national dresses worn by Chinese women. This form-fitting one-piece dress is usually done with a Mandarin collar in various opening styles closed by Chinese knot buttons. Traditionally made from silk, women wear it at parties for its style and elegance. 

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Isabel So

Marketing Coordinator

Isabel started her career as an assistant editor and has been working in the media and advertising industry in Hong Kong for over 3 years. With an in-depth knowledge of both Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese markets, she delivered creative and engaging content for print, digital, mobile and social media platforms. At AV Communications, she focuses on multimedia campaign executions and project and event coordination between the team, clients, and vendors. She strives to deliver the best work possible — aiming not to only get the job done but getting it done well.

Isabel is donning one of China's national dresses for women called ‘qipao.‘ Originally loose and revealing only the hands and toe tips, the body-hugging style known today was popularized by courtesans and celebrities of the 1920s. Modern versions retain the Chinese knot buttons and form-fitting cut but now feature various collar, sleeve, and length styles.

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Manny Pasco

Finance Manager

In a group of marketers, strategists, and creatives, somebody has got to be great with numbers—that distinction goes to Manny. At AV Communications, he looks after the bottom line and brings his wealth of accounting experience from handling accounts in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Manny is wearing a ‘Barong Tagalog,’ the national dress for Filipino men. Sometimes simply called ‘barong,‘ this formal upper garment features intricate embroidery on lightweight fabric uniquely made from pineapple leaves. Due to its translucent appearance, it is worn with a henley undershirt locally referred to ‘kamisa de tsino.’ 

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