Isabel So

Marketing Coordinator

Isabel started her career as an assistant editor and has been working in the media and advertising industry in Hong Kong for over 3 years. With an in-depth knowledge of both Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese markets, she delivered creative and engaging content for print, digital, mobile and social media platforms. At AV Communications, she focuses on multimedia campaign executions and project and event coordination between the team, clients, and vendors. She strives to deliver the best work possible — aiming not to only get the job done but getting it done well.

Isabel is donning one of China's national dresses for women called ‘qipao.‘ Originally loose and revealing only the hands and toe tips, the body-hugging style known today was popularized by courtesans and celebrities of the 1920s. Modern versions retain the Chinese knot buttons and form-fitting cut but now feature various collar, sleeve, and length styles.

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