JL Vasconcelos

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, helping clients connect to their audiences in relevant ways is the best part of JL’s job. Like the time he planned, launched and managed a campaign that ran in nine different countries, 12 different languages and was a huge success. He has a flair for music and cooking – he once worked as a professional grill chef – and would play instruments and cook all day if he had the choice. That, or laugh himself silly watching British comedies. Or travelling and immersing himself in different cultures – especially in Japan, where he loves wandering the streets of Tokyo, taking in the culture, art and food, especially ramen. Don’t ask him to get into any sports, though, like skiing, though JL’s a little mum on why… If he had a warning label, JL’s would probably say, “Consume before expiration date.” We think that’s because he’s so keen on enjoying every bit life has to offer. But ask him yourself. Preferably over a bowl of ramen.