Disney on Ice


Magical Family Time

The Ask

Feld Entertainment wanted to realize incremental tickets sales by reaching out to multicultural communities, and encouraging them to consider Disney on Ice as an as an entertainment option for the family.

The Audience

Multi-ethnic, South Asians, Chinese, Filipinos, Latin Americans

The Insight

Immigrant parents sacrifice great careers in exchange for securing their children’s future. They are invested in helping their children adapt to their new home.

The ethnic market was open to watching Disney on Ice, but a big hurdle in seeing the show is the unfamiliarity of an online purchase at Ticketmaster and the additional fees that came with it.

The AV Answer

We convinced the client to tweak their ticket distribution model and converted some ethnic businesses into ticket outlets. Tickets were then sold without the usual mark up of Ticketmaster, making the price more affordable.

In terms of targeting, we prioritized ethnic communities which are likely to appreciate the show. We catered to the Indians and Russians because of their love for shows with grand productions and ice shows, respectively. We also reached out to the Hong Kong Chinese, Filipinos and Latin Americans because of their affinity with Disney on Ice from back home.

The Impact

The campaigns introduced Disney on Ice shows to the major ethnic communities in Canada. Ticket sales attributed to multicultural communities grew bigger year over year. At present, multicultural communities account for more than 10% of the shows ticket sales.

Due to the encouraging results, the campaigns were eventually rolled out to 2 cities, twice yearly in Toronto once a year in Vancouver.

Encouraged by the success of the Disney on Ice campaigns, Feld Entertainment awarded the agency with more shows to promote to multicultural communities, such as Marvel Universe Live.


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