Natalia Kushnir

Account Executive

Natalia relishes working with AVC’s fashion and beauty clients, developing our relationships with companies like H&M, MAC, Guerlain, Clinique, and WINNERS, and making sure they have everything they need during campaigns and projects. And it’s no surprise, because Natalia is a designer herself and is on a constant hunt for unique and trendy pieces to add to her wardrobe. We bet one day Natalia will start her own fashion brand – and still find a way to do community work, which she’s also hugely passionate about. She travels to Israel a lot, touring historical sites, sampling the amazing food and chilling at the beach. We love her offbeat sense of humour, data junkie pride, dedication to efficiency and how she’s always coming out of left field with bits of knowledge, like quotes from Freakonomics or tips from Tim Ferriss; and unique ideas, like the importance of stylish spreadsheets and the health benefits of salad. That last one took a bit of getting used to.