Online Cook-Off

The Ask

McCormick Canada wanted to increase the share of its recipe mixes in the Filipino market. Launched just last year, the mixes face stiff competition from well-established Filipino brands that have been widely distributed in the Canadian market much longer.

The Audience

Filipino Canadians

The Insight

Growing up in a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, 1.5 and 2nd generation Filipino Canadians have developed adventurous palates over the years. They’re the ones who can come up with Filipino fusion food — mix it up and cook it off!

The AV Answer

We identified and appealed to a new target segment by concocting an online cooking contest with a twist – create fusion recipes using the mixes! The popularity of Facebook among this market segment made it an important ingredient of the contest’s online platform. We created a Facebook page with relevant and engaging content that led to an interest in McCormick either as a contest participant or simply as a curious “onlooker” trying out the recipes in the contest.

The Impact

The campaign surpassed online contest benchmarks of the same 3-month duration by 697% in votes and 438% in views! Best of all, it generated 37% unit sales growth versus the previous year.


Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award 2015
Social Media Marketing


NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) 2015
1st Place, Marketing Tactics: Case Studies/Campaigns
1st Place, Marketing Tactics: Experiential Marketing


Marketing Magazine Award 2015
Multicultural Marketing, Experiential/Special Events/Stunts


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