World Vision

Pinoy para sa Pinoy

The Ask

World Vision Canada wanted to support two livelihood projects of World Vision Philippines through donations.

The Audience

Filipino Canadians, 21 – 60 years old

The Insight

Though naturally generous, this audience has a reluctance to donate due to their lower than average household income in Canada and regular financial support for their families in the Philippines.

The AV Answer

For the campaign to resonate with the Filipinos, we had to think… small. Unlike in Canada where grocery items in sample sizes are purchased for portability, in the Philippines, they are produced in “bite sizes” because that’s what most people can afford. Groceries are sold in sample packs because their regular sizes are deemed too expensive. Since buying “bite-size” is very Filipino, we made the donation scheme bite-sized for them too.

For the “Pinoy para sa Pinoy” (Filipino for a fellow Filipino) project, the usual World Vision donation scheme of giving $39 a month until the sponsored child turns 18 years old, was bite-sized down to $10 for only 3 months. To a Filipino, this means being able to help out for less money and short-term commitment.

Ad messages revolved around the sentiment of a child in need, and how much $10 is already a big help. Copy were done in English and Tagalog as Filipinos are comfortable in both languages.

The Impact

The campaign surpassed expectations by acquiring 238% of target donors and getting 150% of target website visits.


NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) 2016
2nd Place, Marketing Tactics, Digital
3rd Place, Case Studies/Campaigns


Summit Marketing Effectivemess Award 2016
Public Service/Advocacy


Marketing Magazine Award 2016
Multicultural Marketing


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