Arbor Memorial, the largest funeral services provider in Canada, wanted to grow their Chinese Canadian customer base. By listening to their needs, we came up with solutions that included one of the most successful campaigns they had.

WeChat content on smartphone

The Ask

The campaign had one specific goal: increase sales during a short campaign period as previous efforts underperformed.

The Audience

Chinese Canadians, 35-60 years old

The AV Answer

The core offering of Arbor Memorial is repulsive to this target—a conversation about death is considered taboo among the Chinese. We focused instead on appealing to their astute investment sense and repositioned Arbor as a smart investment choice—an investment one can’t do without since death is inevitable—thereby turning what was once a distasteful topic into a sage advice.
This mindset change needed an additional channel best suited for engagement as the media mix from previous efforts underperformed. For the first time, the brand engaged on WeChat—the social media of choice among the Chinese. We produced content on the investment viability of Arbor Memorial products and services.
Campaign performance showed:
• 2,0001% ROI vs.15% target;
• The Chinese segment accounted for 96% of incremental sales vs. target of 20% during the period;
• 5x increase in marketing tracking calls vs. the target of 2x;
• 22,000 WeChat post views vs. target of 8,000 views.

The Award

NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards logo
1st Place
Marketing Tactics, Content Marketing