For the past eight years, AVcommunications has partnered with BMW Canada and their agency-of-record, Cundari, to serve the needs of their Chinese Canadian market. The goal of this partnership has been to create ethnic-focused campaigns to help unify the marketing efforts of BMW’s Chinese dealerships through traditional and digital means as well as point-of-sale materials. Over the years these campaigns have earned fifteen awards and created a stronger brand relationship with Chinese Canadians.

The Ask

Increase the brand awareness of BMW among Chinese Canadians and differentiate its message from the holiday’s advertising clutter.

The Audience

Chinese Canadians, 35-43 years old

The AV Answer

Drawing inspiration from the new year’s Zodiac sign, The Rooster, AV created a bold and celebratory print campaign to highlight BMW’s next generation vehicle and wish progress and prosperity to the community in the new year.
The campaign is centered around a Chinese greeting which means “Big Spread, Great Picture”, which is a nod to the rooster’s ability to spread its wings and take flight. It also represents progress towards the “great picture”, or future ahead. This sleek, modern car has its doors spread open as if taking flight. The body copy means “BMW wishes you great success in the Year of the Rooster”.

The Awards

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ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards 2017
Category Winner
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Marketing Magazine Award 2017
Multicultural Print, Single