World Vision Canada and AVcommunications have teamed up on a variety of projects over the years. The overarching goal has been to engage ethnic Canadians and prompt them to contribute to World Vision projects affecting their home countries. These robust campaigns have garnered multiple industry awards.

The Ask

World Vision Canada conceived “Rise Up! Daughters of India” to help build proper school toilets through donations from the Indian Canadian community.

The Audience

Indian Canadians, 30-65 years old

The AV Answer

From poverty to the remoteness of their homes, rural Indian schoolgirls face a lot of barriers to their education, including the lack of washrooms on the premises.
Having adapted to the Canadian way of life, Indian immigrants become detached from problems back home. To truly move them to action, the campaign had to put them in the shoes of these schoolgirls.
Disconcerting facts underlined the magnitude and scale of the problem while the schoolgirl at the centre of the campaign drove home that the problem was not only about sanitation but ultimately about education. An online video visualized the sense of urgency and desperation of the situation.
The number of donors targeted exceeded goals by 350% and the amount raised was 128% over target.

The Awards

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Summit Creative Award 2017
Public Service Campaign
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Strategy Awards 2017
Niche Strategy