World Vision

Rise Up! Daughters of India

The Ask

World Vision Canada conceived “Rise Up! Daughters of India” to help build proper school toilets through donations from the Indian Canadian community.

The Audience

Indian Canadians, 30-65 years old

The Insight

From poverty to the remoteness of their homes, rural Indian schoolgirls face a lot of barriers to their education. One of these barriers that force them to leave school permanently is the lack of washrooms on the premises. Without proper toilets, schoolgirls are forced to ‘go’ outside and risk their safety, health, and dignity.

Having adapted to the Canadian way of life, it is but natural for Indian immigrants to get detached from their society’s problems back home. To truly move them to action, we made them relive the dire situation the schoolgirls are saddled with and grasp how prevalent it is.

The AV Answer

We designed our campaign to be polarizing and graphic to get through the sensitivities of a distracted immigrant enjoying the comforts of a progressive society. Disconcerting facts were used to highlight the magnitude and scale of the problem. With the schoolgirl at the centre of the campaign, we instilled that this was not only about sanitation but was ultimately about education. An online video visualized the sense of urgency and desperation to the situation of the schoolgirls in India.

The Impact

Our campaign ignited a conversation and mobilized the Indian Canadian community into action.
• The microsite overachieved its unique visitors goal by 191%;
• The number of donors targeted was exceeded by 350%;
• The money raised was 128% over plan.

Best of all, even though the campaign has officially ended, it has continued to gain support — including those from outside the community. Prominent influencers and celebrities have adopted it as their personal crusades and have continued to exert their influence for more support.


Summit Creative Award 2017
Public Service Campaign


Strategy Awards 2017
Niche Strategy


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