The Ask

Increase the brand awareness of BMW among the Chinese Canadians and differentiate its message from the holiday's advertising clutter.

The Audience

Chinese Canadians, 35-43 years old

The Insight

With 2017 being the Year of the Rooster, we focused on this animal’s ability to “spread its wings”—being the only bird in the Chinese zodiac—and visually related it to BMW’s next-generation vehicle!

The AV Answer

For the headline, we used a very apt Chinese greeting translated as “Big Spread, Great Picture.” In their culture, the spreading of the wings signals a bird’s intention to fly or soar to new heights’ associating it with the concept of “progress.” For the Chinese, looking towards the future is like looking at the big, or “great” picture where one sees the achievement of a goal. Thus, our headline means “Have a great year ahead, full of progress.”

We did the headline in Chinese calligraphy for two reasons. First, it’s more artistic and premium, similar to the BMW brand. Second, it allowed us to modify the third character “great.” With the character for “bird” as part of this pictograph, we artistically added a pair of wings and a rooster’s crest as a nod to the year’s zodiac animal.

What better way to visualize the idea of “progress” and “future” than featuring the BMW Vision Next 100 concept vehicle! Set against a red background—one of the colours of the Chinese New Year—with its doors spread open, the concept car punctuated and reinforced our headline. Peach blossoms were added in the corners to symbolize prosperity and add a New Year imagery in the piece.

The body copy in the lower right means “BMW wishes you great success in the Year of the Rooster” and complements our headline well.

With a futuristic vehicle and its open doors set in a blooming background, BMW showed their support for the Chinese community to spread their wings to success in the New Year. 


Marketing Magazine Award 2017
Multicultural Print, Single


ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards 2017
Category Winner