Elizabeth Arden

The Beauty Channel

The Ask

Elizabeth Arden wanted to launch it’s Skin Illuminating Line and increase the brand awareness among a new audience.

The Audience

3 segments of Chinese Canadian women: the Achiever, the Fashionista, and the Settler, 24-60 years old.

The Insight

Our research showed that Chinese women are very particular with cosmetic brands they try and use. European brands are preferred for their perceived premium quality and fashion influence. Korean and Japanese cosmetics are appealing due to these brands’ expertise on Asian skin.

The AV Answer

If you can’t beat them, let them join you! Let’s open a new platform for beauty and skincare advocacy that will serve as a backdoor for American brand Elizabeth Arden to shine through.

Attracting new and biased players into Elizabeth Arden’s corner though required an unconventional approach. Why not create a new playground for everyone, where Elizabeth Arden played too?

We created “The Beauty Channel,” an unbranded microsite that became the new sandbox for beauty, skincare, and lifestyle content for Chinese Canadian women. It featured European, Asian, and American brands. Since the Chinese are convinced with facts, the channel provided them with the necessary information. For added credibility, The content of The Beauty Channel was written and curated by 2 Chinese beauty editors from 2 trusted publications.

The channel also put a spotlight on Elizabeth Arden’s proven effectiveness with the 6-Week Challenge! We invited 3 Chinese women—each from a different identified segment: the fashion-conscious, the career professional, and the well-to-do homemaker—to use the Skin Illuminating Skincare Line every day for 6 weeks, and share their journey, feedback, and results online!

This sandbox also created opportunities for product trials by raffling off Elizabeth Arden gift basket prizes.

The Impact

The results were truly illuminating for Elizabeth Arden!
• Online video views of the 6-week challenge exceeded its target by 104%;
• Sales saw a glowing increase of 108% without any other marketing activity during and post-campaign period.

The Beauty Channel has captured a new audience for Elizabeth Arden and continues to gain viewership even after the campaign.


NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) 2017
1st Place, Marketing Tactics: Digital
1st Place, Marketing Tactics: Experiential Marketing


Marketing Magazine Award 2017
Multicultural Marketing, Online


Summit Creative Award 2017
Bronze, Product/Services Marketing
Bronze, Engagement Experiential


Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award 2017
Platinum, Online Advertising and Marketing
Elizabeth Arden, “The Beauty Channel”


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