Western Union

The Monkey King

The Ask

For the 2016 Chinese New Year, Western Union wanted to do a special grassroots celebration that created goodwill and promoted its services among Chinese Canadians.

The Audience

Chinese Canadians, 25 – 60 years old

The Insight

The Monkey King is a famous and powerful Chinese mythological character who can easily be everywhere at incredible speed. With him around, the world becomes a safe place.

The AV Answer

Just like the Monkey King, Western Union is known for its speed, security, and ubiquity. This gave us an idea to do something fun and unique at the Chinese New Year event.

Our booth became the main attraction at the event as our fun and energetic Monkey King Brand Ambassador invited attendees to follow his acrobatic poses which represented the key features of Western Union—Fast… Safe… Everywhere. To reinforce education, each column of our booth depicted the monkey poses relevant to the brand.

People who shared their photos on the spot via WeChat received souvenirs and red envelopes. The shared photos and conversations on WeChat—the #1 social media platform among the Chinese—extended the brand conversation to a much bigger audience.

The Impact

With an unabated queue of people that caught the eye of the mainstream media CBC, our activation generated:
• 1 photo taken with the Western Union Monkey King every 30 seconds;
• 898 photos taken and shared on WeChat;
• 2,700 visitors to the booth in 8 hours.

Indeed, the powers of the money king were truly evident in the Western Union booth that day!


NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) 2016
1st Place
Marketing Tactics: Experiential Marketing


Marketing Magazine Award 2016
Multicultural - Experiential


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