Diyas, Camera, Action

The Ask

Encourage the South Asian community to include Cineplex in their Diwali celebrations.

The Audience

South Asian Canadians

The Insight

Movies are a huge part of South Asian culture. So much so that there is a specific expression that refers to the act of using movie dialogues in everyday conversations, called ‘bilkul filmi’ which means “to be absolutely influenced by movies.”

The AV Answer

An interactive radio contest that created the opportunity for South Asian movie lovers to go bilkul filmi, by impersonating their favorite actor/actress and share a line from a film, for the chance to win free daily movie passes and free movies for a year.  The Hinglish line “Diyas, Camera, Action” leverages the iconic Hollywood term “Lights, Camera, Action” for an instant connection to cinema—and gives it a Bollywood spin by switching out the word “Lights” with “Diyas,” its Hindi equivalent.

The Impact

In less than 3 weeks, over 5,000 movie fans, including a handful of Shah Rukh Khan sound-alikes participated, making this contest a bona fide blockbuster!


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