Western Union

Wishing Wall

The Ask

Engage customers at an emotional level and illustrate the brand’s holiday message “Send money, the gift of possibility.”

The Audience

Multi-ethnic (Chinese, Caribbean, Filipino, Hispanic, South Asian)

The Insight

A very high percentage of immigrant money senders are on Facebook—the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way for them to stay connected with families and friends who are far away.

The AV Answer

We built an online wishing wall via a Facebook app representing the limitless possibilities for people who receive the gift of money. A small participation incentive was given: 30 lucky wishers won $500 each to help realize a “gift of possibility” for a loved one.

The Impact

The results exceeded expectations by a whopping 568%. The original goal was 5000 wishes, but by campaign’s end, there were 33,400! Total reach was 807,162 (with a viral reach of 2,961,436 – an impressive jump over our 250,000 goal). But the most surprising of all was the quality of engagement. Wishes were touching (“I wish my mother could go on a holiday!”) and became heartwarming conversations between friends.

The wall—accessed via the smartphone and tablet-friendly app—was filled with comments from users across the country. People weren’t just interacting with Western Union, they were interacting with each other. Users loved the idea: 48% were returning visitors, with an average engagement time of 17.25 minutes. And the ROI was outstanding: marketing spend vs. revenue was less than 2%. Now that’s a marketer’s wish come true!


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